Collecting Old Appliances

For a small charge we will take away and have your old appliance recycled within the free delivery area, provided it is disconnected from all services and removed from it’s housing. Integrated appliances must have all furniture doors removed. If you have chosen the installation option then we will disconnect your old appliance for you.

The charge for collecting your old appliance depends on product type these are as follows:

  • Laundry, Dishwashing, and Cooking appliances excluding Range Cookers - £15 inc. vat.
  • Range Cookers - £35 incl vat.
  • Refrigeration excluding American side by side - £25 inc. vat.
  • American side by side refrigeration - £35 inc. vat.

These charges include removing your new appliances packaging.

If you are collecting the appliance from store, you can drop off your old appliance free of charge.

If we do not collect your old appliance we can still remove your new appliances packaging for a charge of £5 inc. vat.

As we have our own cardboard bailing machine it means it is then collected by a cardboard recycling company so it doesn't end up in landfill sites making it better for the environment.